Curs 2021-2022

Hi everyone! As every year, we are asked to do a Community Action Project with the international program Global Scholars and we would like to share them with you!
1st ESO A students decided to work on Food waste and climate change. After observing the quantity of food waste in the playground, the students decided to create a campaign to reduce food waste and fight against non suatainable wrappers like aluminium foil, plastic bags, etc.

In 1st ESO B, students decided to work on food waste mainly. Among the different activities, this group of students made clean ups in the playground, the beach and the hill next to our school and they analyzed the trash they picked up. Some students grew up some lettuces and edited a tutorial that shows how to make it.

1st ESO C students have taken different actions to work on the same topic, food waste and healthy food. As a result, they created a leftovers recipe book, some posters displayed around the school promoting a healthy week and raising awareness of food waste in the school community. A group of students also interviewed several supermakets’ managers in order to know what actions they take related to food waste.
As a common activity among the three classes,  we held our “healthy week”, in which we offered sandwiches and fruit to encourage students to eat healthier during that week  and, at the same time we could reduce food waste and non sustainable wrappers.

We hope you enjoy it!
Cristina López, Oriol Berengueres and Laura Garcia.